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                              What are the features to look for in a hair dryer?


                              Manoeuvrability, size and weight

                              Have a hold of it in store before you buy to get a feel of how comfortable the hair dryer is to hold and to see if it's well balanced.


                              Switches should be accessible, easy to operate and labelled well. Sliding switches are set in the handle and can be hard to use if they're stiff, lack grip or don't stick out enough. Rocker switches require you to push the raised end down. They can be easier to use but can be accidentally activated.

                              Multiple heat and air flow settings

                              Separate settings for heat and air speed will give you more control. The highest setting is ideal to remove the moisture from your hair while the lower setting is best used for styling.

                              Cool shot setting

                              Provides a burst of cool air which is supposed to be good for setting a style in place.


                              It's a good idea to hang a dryer on the wall and away from wet bathroom surfaces.


                              This narrows and concentrates the airflow to where you want it. It's designed for spot-drying and controlled styling.


                              Diffusers with short fingers are designed to dry curly hair by spreading the airflow to prevent frizz. Diffusers with longer fingers – sometimes called volumisers – are designed to add volume to all types of hair by directing heat to the roots.


                              The turbo shot or boost feature increases airflow through the hair dryer to speed up drying.